Mine thoughts so far

HI Guys and Gals!

Wanted to share here my path so far at the FCC

I became exposed to all the IT think like couple of weeks ago, and currently I’m half way in the “Responsive Web Design Certifications”. So I have a question for those that already passed it, or any other certification on the FCC
Does all the learning materials in the FCC were enough for completing the projects in the end of certification? or you also learned from any other source?
It’s really interesting to me if I can accomplish the projects using only the information in FCC or should I look out to another sources for learning also?
I do understand that self-tutoring is the best way for learning and so far I dont feel any frustration or overwhelming, I’m trying to think if the information on the FCC platform is enough, that covers all the skills needed to deal with certification projects.
In case you got any different knowledge bases, I’ll be happy if you could direct me to those, TIA

you need to use the Read Search Ask method to complete the projects

both because it’s a lot of stuff and you can’t expect to remember it and both because there are a couple of things required but not included in the challenges

googling for those small things is enough, you do not have to do a completely different course or something like that. You should have got the basis from here

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Well, that is more or less the thought that led me to this… in one moment, I’ve found that I don’t remember…almost nothing from what I’ve passed. I passed all the challenges by myself, no cheating\copypasting or whatsoever, I even copying all the challenges texts and downloaded all solutions to myself in order to re-read them later

but suddenly I realize that I do not remember a thing,
just thought to myself- how I will manage to build a simple project ( tribute page for example) without knowing skills?.. i do understand that Google is coder’s best friend in any level- from entry to senior. But I imagined it a little different- that after solving challenges something is gonna stay inside my head :rofl: i mean maybe the problem is in me that I don’t get it on the first time. I mean if after completing all the needed requirerment in order to build that project of tribute page- i should have them already in my mind and not googling back each word… or I’m wrong?

only after using stuff in the projects you will find you start remembering more and more stuff

you will learn a lot doing the projects, you will also need a lot of time for doing them

just do them yourself from scratch for best retention, and respect of instructions

start the Tribute Page, do not procrastinate on it. Choose a topic, and then follow the user stories and create the small tribute page on that topic

Of course that is the way I’m going to make this and any other projects here,
thought to myself is it the most right way…to befriend google or to remember stuff

so if you say that can happen and that is the right way then off we go to the yellow bricks road :grin: