FCC Web Design Projects -- Example already complete?

I’ve been working my way through the exercises and have gotten to the first Responsive Web Design Project. Am I missing something or does the codepen provided already meet all the criteria laid out in the Objectives? Surely we are not simply to change some of the details around, change the picture, and call it a day?
I kind of wonder why the codepen is so complete, or exists at all. If they wanted to give an example of what kind of page they want you to build, they could have just provided a screen shot. What’s up?

You can also put a random link and submit it, but don’t you want to learn?

The best way is to try to do your project from scratch.

They give you a codepen with only the tests that you can fork, and user stories to follow. Can you do that on your own?

Copying something already made will not help you to learn. Isn’t for that that you are doing this boot camp?

Yes exactly. I want to do these things myself from top to bottom to learn. Which is why I am confused that FCC seems to be offering me a way to do it with barely no work at all. I wonder if I could just submit the example that is given as is and pass all the tests. That shouldn’t be possible. This hurts all of us who are going through the complete curriculum, and lessens the reputation of the FCC Certificates.

Also, I don’t think any random link would work as the tests look for specific id names.

I think the reason is to give people a good look at how the code can be written. Since the requirements have specific IDs certain elements have to be named it is good to see if that is keeping you from passing.

Ultimately, it’s an employer you’ve got to convince, not your peers or a marking algorithm at FCC. You can have all the certifications in the world, but you’ll get found out very quickly at any company in the world if you don’t know your stuff.

I suspect any employer that is aware of FCC and its provenance would take qualifications from here in good faith until proven otherwise. I don’t see the cheat’s method of passing the courses as diminishing what the site ultimately offers. There are nefarious practices in all aspects of academia - it would only be like falsifying university documentation.