How much does FCC actually teach - HTML & CSS?

Hey, im just wondering how much of HTMl & CSS the FCC tutorials actually teach and whether ill need outside learning…

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I think im the FCC beta is way more html & css input. Anyway, if you want more in-depth knowlegde of for example CSS animations you probably need some external resources :wink: but I think FCC will be very good for the start, everything else will come through googling and reading other resources you’re highly likely to stubble upon on your way through the whole FCC curriculum!
Have fun learning and have a nice day :slight_smile:

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No matter where you learn to code you will always need outside resources.

You have learn everything yourself and bootcamp help you to da that by creating this type of coding tutorial . in dev world code is god prayer and coding practice is give you idea of learn the language you want to learn .

As @indiekindie already said, FCC is just an entry point to learn HTML and CSS.

I would recommend the following resource to get a bit more deep inside these topics (or at least, build a good ground to start):

The “Learn enough to Be Dangerous” series are free, online books that work great for both beginners and advanced developers.

Hope this helps!


Learning is an never ending process pal. Sure FCC lessons walk you through most of the basics with a nice step by step approach but if you’re to become a ‘ninja developer’ , I’d suggest you supplement what you learn on FCC by practice. My approach is simple, build as projects as you can along the way you’ll find Uncle Google is the greatest teacher ever!


I’m still at the ending challenges, but I think part of my hang up is from blowing through all the HTML/CSS lessons. It was taught well enough, but I feel could have been a little more in-depth. I didn’t spend enough time playing around while learning those, so at the end of it I’m having to make up by searching for a lot of info (this part never ends, I know).

In any case, I’ve been using w3schools to lookup a lot of functions and things that were only touched on in the FCC lessons. But the best plan is probably to play with what you have learned at each stage so it sinks in better than just absorbing the knowledge and moving on. So there’s my two, no refunds.