Incomplete HTML knowledge

I have recently finished the fcc HTML course but I don’t feel like I can make the new Facebook or something. I feel like I have not learned all the commands and the different ways of doing things in HTML. I know fcc has this “Read-Search-Ask” philosophy but… Is it just me? Do I just need more practice? Has any of you had a similar problem when learning HTML?

PS. Does anyone have any cheat sheets for programming languages?

HTML is the very basics of web development. If you finished the FCC HTML course then you probably know enough to start learning some CSS and JavaScript which will involve a lot of HTML as well.

So don’t worry, you’ll have plenty of time to practice and become familiar with all the HTML elements out there!

The HTML taught in the FCC map/test is just a very, very, VERY small sampling. It’s only enough to meet the user stories of the 1st challenge (Tribute page).

But I’d suggest you pick a book or an online course, or to learn more about the other html markups and how to use them.

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Thanks a lot. This site sure helps. :slight_smile:

Yes, don’t think of FCC training as comprehensive. It’s enough to get you going with the basics and you are expected to keep learning and seeking out other sources. A lot of the learning will just come from using it and running into problems where you need to look up an answer.

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