Somethings I don't find in the course

Why doesn’t the course teach head tags for example or the basic HTML syntax? I went through some parts of the course, and I am still not introduced to the main concepts like tag and even the tag. Why is that?

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I finished the HTML and CSS sections a while ago and was wondering the same thing.

You need to supplement the course.

FCC is primarily JavaScript, they only teach enough to present your app really. I do think it goes a bit deeper when the new curriculum additions come out.

In the mean time, check out Shay Howe or one of the Net Ninja Playlists such as the starter HTML or CSS lists. They will give you the detail you are looking for.




I have been only coding for the past four-five months and would agree with @MARKJ78 on supplementing with other sources. I would recommend w3schools or the links that @MARKJ78 provided

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Thanks for your help.

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W3Schools may be good as a reference website, but not for learning. MDN is much better for both reference and learning. I’d recommend it over W3Schools any day. There are also some HTML, CSS and JavaScript books that I still haven’t looked into so far, but I guess books can really help as well. Basically anything that can teach you something beneficial is good in my opinion.

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