Need help mastering HTML/CSS

I just finished HTML/CSS in the FCC curriculum and I’m about to begin Javascript. I don’t feel very confident about my knowledge of HTML/CSS. I happen to not even know what CSS selector, properties and values are till I visit Mozilla Developers Network (MDN) and many other site.

Right now, I’m just need to master HTML/CSS, create a webpage with it before moving to JS but I’m not sure where I can find good material outside MDN. MDN’s material isn’t concise. I need help and suggestions.

Thank you all

in addition to the resource that @P1xt linked to, which looks awesome, I wanted to mention that where you’re looking on MDN makes a difference – if you’re just looking stuff up and finding it, it can definitely be hard to get everything efficiently, but they have a pretty good learner’s section here:

you may already know about that, but if you haven’t seen it, maybe check it out

Also, this is a GREAT resource for learning about all the various CSS selectors and properties:


I also didn’t feel like I had mastered HTML/CSS when I had finished the first part of the FCC curriculum. But I pressed on to the JavaScript–and did some work on PHP/MySQL (the big purple book by Welling and Thompson), as well. My experience was that continuing on with JS has made HTML/CSS make more sense now that I’m going back to it. (I’m also going to check out the site @P1xt recommended.) I also like what I’ve seen of Head First:

Something to consider is that if you’re just starting out with programming, you may find you like JS better or even working with the backend–and that knowing much HTML/CSS won’t be that relevant to what you want to spend much of your time, ultimately, doing. So, my recommendation is to press on. Good luck!

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I find the site okay. It’s great.

In addition to all of your opinions, I also found this medium outstanding and very resourceful.
FCC Medium Post and Impressive Web

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