Any Resources to Become Better at HTML and CSS

I just finished the HTML and CSS course and I’m not here to ask what my next move is because it’s obviously Javascript. But as I learn Java I want to improve with HTML and CSS because I know I could have done those FCC projects better. So I want to know what the best resources for HTML and CSS are and where I can find ways to challenge myself to become better at coding. All I know so far are Codepen and W3Schools.

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Practice, practice, practice

You can copy the layout of other websites (I copied the Google homepage),

You can make user interfaces for your Javascript projects. That would require learning about DOM manipulation, but you’ll get practice with CSS and HTML, too.

You can help people with their HTML/CSS on the forum.

You can make up your own projects. Make another product landing page, maybe. This time, you don’t have to worry about passing the tests so you can experiment more.

As for resources, as I do my projects and run into something I don’t know how to do, I Google. W3schools, MDN, and of course fCC are good. There’s also CSS tricks and many others.

Hope this helps.

good move, because imo it’s a big mistake to think that you “graduate” from CSS to JS just because FCC teaches it in that order. I am interviewing for a job that’s basically all CSS, which has made me realize that I am far from good at it!

This article may be a bit above where you are right now, but it may be of help to you. It refers to a common attitude, that CSS is stupid and we developers are better than it. Big mistake, I think.

As far as concrete suggestions, read this now, and then read it in 6 months after you’ve practiced a lot. Make sure you learn flexbox and use it a lot. Learn how to use absolute positioning to make buttons go where you want them.

You’ll probably need to read the MDN documentation on position and background a lot.

Find some relatively simple websites and try to copy them. This will be hard at first, but you’ll improve rapidly. Copying is imo the best way to learn both CSS and design.

It will be very useful to you to get decent at CSS, since most non-developers can’t see code, only how things are presented.

Okay then, thank you. I’m trying to make a career out of web development so learning Java and CSS will most likely be vital. CSS seems more like a weapon, something vital in making good web design but also a bitch to use properly. But I figure if I spend at least an hour on Java and at least an hour on CSS per day I’ll crack the nut eventually.

Just realize: Java and JavaScript are two completely different languages.

Hey, don’t be that guy that continues to do internet practices on coding but do not take what they learned and actually do something with it. You are supposed to start on a project when you learn a coding language That is the only way to get better. That’s like learning Japanese but not speaking it to get better. There is no possible way to learn like that. When you create projects, you also build your portfolio that way. So please, start creating and use what you learned. I’d rather hire someone who created something before who barely knows code than someone who knows code and hasn’t done anything with it. Practice makes permanent. :slight_smile: goodluck.

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That was my thought process, shit’s like a muscle, if you don’t use it the thing will atrophy. I’m gonna find ways to keep practicing, but I don’t feel comfortable using that skill to make websites until I learn Javascript. So I’m looking for ways to keep my CSS and HTML skills up while I learn Javascript.

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