Other Resources to learn

Hello my friends,

I wish I would know other resources to learn Html, CSS and javascript, easy ones and maybe interactive ones, but I already know codecademy and the popular ones. Maybe you can share others you have used.

Thanks friends!


Have you tried Udemy courses or this style of learning is not for you?

Here is the list of resources I’m using to learn right now:
Book: Eloquent JavaScript
Sites: FCC Curriculum
Courses: CSS - The Complete Guide (incl. Flexbox, Grid & Sass)

The less resources you choose, the more concentrated you will be and as a result the more productive. This is my thought.

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Additionlly, I suggest you to try PLURALSIGHT. During the upcoming weekend it is going to be free.

Here is the link: FREE WEEKEND STARTS SEPT. 6TH 10:00AM MT

Maybe you will like it and continue using it.

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For mastering CSS FlexBox and Grid i would definitely recommend you to see https://mastery.games/
It’s helping me a lot in understanding in depth about FlexBox properties.
Good Luck ^^

I suggest you to give a look also at Coursera and EdX. Their courses are free, unless you want the certificate.

I also like the books from SitePoint. But that’s a paid service and I don’t know how much it costs. I bought a lifetime subscription to SitePoint years ago, before it became this good, and it turned how I’ve been lucky :joy:

Also take a look at classcentral.com. It’s a service that allows you to look for courses on multiple websites.
You can create your account, make a list of the courses you are interested into and update it when you are taking them or when you finished them :smile:

I like the Result-Oriented Web Developer Course on Udemy. It’s a brand-new course with the easiest explanation of HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Node.js I have ever seen.

Here it is https://www.udemy.com/result-oriented-web-developer-course/

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