I am starting to Question myself

So i have been doing support and admin work in IT for over 10 years and I have been playing around with HTML since the late 90s. But I am taking this serious and I am starting to wonder if I have what it takes. The HTML is a breeze I get all that but the CSS has been kicking my ass especially the Flexbox and Grid. I am holding off on Javascript till I feel I have mastered CSS.

I have taken the Web course from FCC and I am working on the new Beta Version and I have done classes on Udemy and in the middle f splitting my time here and on Angela Yu online Bootcamp on Udemy.

Anybody have any suggestions

Hi @rschwin !

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Flexbox and grid are really cool but like anything it just takes practice to get more comfortable with it.
The more projects you build and css debugging you do, the more comfortable you will become with flexbox and grid.

To master anything would take years of practice and working with real projects.
Even then, technology is always changing so you will always be learning.
I wouldn’t wait to start learning JavaScript.
Once you develop a basic comfort level with html and css then you can start learning JavaScript.
Once you start learning JavaScript, the learning for css doesn’t stop.
You will always be building off of your skills and then learning how to create projects with html, css and javascript.

I think a lot of people start off with a similar path of following tutorials and class projects to get used to the basics.
I followed the same path when I first started learning.
But after a few class projects and tutorials, I started building my own projects and felt my learning go to a whole new level.

Once you start building your own projects and you will learn to solve new problems and strengthen your programming skills and build up your confidence with these technologies.

My advice for you would be to finish up these classes and then start javascript and start building your own projects with html and css.

That’s what I did and I felt my skills and confidence get stronger.

Hope that helps! :grinning:

Questioning yourselves is the indication of progress. Keep on learning and your hard work will pay off one day.

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I’ve found that CSS and JavaScript require different kinds of problem-solving/thinking.

CSS can be VERY frustrating as there are many different ways to do the same thing, and things don’t always ‘behave’ as you predict they will. You can have a lot of success with JavaScript and other languages and still get stuck in CSS.

I wouldn’t let hangups in CSS deter you from JavaScript. Sure, it can be good to learn the CSS first but what I’m saying is that the types of frustrations you get with CSS don’t necessarily spill over to the types you experience with JavaScript; they’re really 2 different animals.

Thanks for the advice that is what I am discovering too. I am gonna keep pushing

Me too. We all get really discouraged sometimes (or a lot!). This stuff is HARD and takes persistence. Computers don’t always behave in the way we humans would predict so we have to keep pushing forward, looking up stuff when we’re confused, and ask lots of questions as necessary. :smiley:

I was overwhelmed when i started learning flexbox and grid but I got comfortable with it after lot of practice. Every stuff you learn needs practice. So start building your own projects and do the projects from FCC, it will help a lot.
you can learn flexbox and grid while playing game , flexbox: https://flexboxfroggy.com/
grid: https://cssgridgarden.com/

I hope it helps :slight_smile:

Thanks for the assist and those links

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