Html/Css completed

I just finished freecodecamp’s responsive design, should i start javascript now?

I feel like 5 projects are not enough for html,css practice.

What should be done.


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Hey there @danish0159!

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I am on the JavaScript courses in FCC after having completed all the HTML/CSS courses and completing the 5 projects at the end. I would recommend continuing onto to JavaScript because it’s one of the most important languages you’ll ever learn. Especially because it’s your first programming language.

HTML is a markup language, meaning that if you ever encounter problems with HTML you can always either refer to documentation of just google something up.

CSS is different, I struggled heavily with CSS and because I thought my CSS skills were still inadequate, I decided to purchase a Udemy course on the side to enhance my CSS skills with the goal being to learn SCSS and advanced CSS and then implement those changes to my projects from FCC (i.e my portfolio page).

I recommend continuing with JavaScript and just reviewing + experimenting with HTML/CSS on the weekends or whenever you have free time.

If you are still unsure you can post your project links to the forum so we can take a look! :smile:

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@danish0159 If you think 5 projects aren’t enough for you, you can create more yourself. Than you will see your weaknesses, so that you can review your weaknesses. Than if you feel you have enough practice for HTML/CSS, than start learning JavaScript.
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You can go to youtube and try projects there


It’s not a bad idea to supplement with Udemy. I got to the 3rd project and had to take a break back in November. I enrolled in a Coursera course. Way too much lecture, not nearly enough hands-on, so once I finished that waste of time course I ended up purchasing an Udemy course to raise my comfort level. You’ve gotten some good advice. Try a cheap Udemy course or a few code alongs on youtube and then jump back into Javascript. That is my plan. I am now picking up where I left off. I regret that I wasted time on Coursera, but it was a learning experience. All that lecture may work for some? Didn’t for me.

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