CSS or Javascript?

Hello everyone, i have began my journey a little over a month ago and have been focusing mostly HTML and CSS i have completed the responsive web design certificate and soon to start on Javascript on FCC .
My question is should i spend some more time learning css or do i fully commit to Javascript?

I have learnt enough to design decent looking web pages with html css and create clones of other websites to a good level, however i dont know if i should spend the rest of my time learning Javascript and its frameworks/libraries or still focus on css a bit, as i wanna know which will benefit more in a long run as i plan on having a job by next year summer, any advice on what i should focus my learning from now on is really appreciated !

P.S. ( Before i begin learning anything related to Front-end Web dev i usually spend around a week or 2 going through other courses and introductions on topics before beginning the FCC certificates so that i can fully understand everything im learning from all resources)

@Kassem-Faraj hey,

You might as well jump into learning javascript and a framework because you will still be learning css as your learning javascript and building projects, even frameworks still use css.

Javascript takes much longer to learn than html and css so the quicker you jump into it the better i think and then learning frameworks and stuff too, next summer is a good goal too i think, a year to learn javascript and a framework or 2 sounds good.

You should make a github account too if you havent already and start pushing your projects to it soon as you can because employers will be looking at your github to see how long you have been coding so best to start one early, its like a way to prove your coding experience when you haven’t got any real company experience.

This is a good idea too, i do the same i learn a lot from youtube there’s some good javascript courses on there also framework ones too.

a few good channels with some good courses :grinning:

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I had a similar scenario not to long ago, but I actually got my JavaScript certification first. I suggest you learn JavaScript well and definitely understand higher order functions like Array.map(), Array.filter(), Array.reduce(), etc… As these are vital to React.js library. Understanding HTML/CSS is great, but bootstrap covers most of that stuff in terms of layout. As long as you have a decent insight about HTML/CSS you’ll be fine; in particular media query and how viewports differ on devices from cell to laptops. Let me reiterate that this stuff is easier to implement with bootstrap. Hence, spend a good time on JavaScript and try to solve all the problems on your own, you will learn how to think as a programmer. Even it cost you 4-6 days for one problem, its rewarding knowing that you solved it on your own!

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Do you have a clear view of what kind of developer do you want to be?

You can work as a Front End developer focused on HTML/CSS, this was my way until now. So it’ll better to learn more about semantic html, css (layout/style), accessibility, design systems, even branding, etc.

Or you can focus on user interaction / behavior / states / data, so it’ll better to learn more about Javascript.

Once you have a clear goal, it’ll be easier to decide which path to take.

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Thats a good point and did not take this into perspective. My opinion is a little biased I am more about functionality (state, data, behavior). Hence, it depends on you!