New and little confused student here.. Need some advice

Hello there!

I started to learn how to code 1,5 month ago. After trying some other courses dived into FCC curriculum and just finished Responsive Web Design course. Moved to Js and having a really hard time to understand it. I am about to finish the Basic Js challenges and can’t remember much except the ones I learned before while studying C language. I find myself very often frustrated and not enjoying while working on challenges. It was not like that with Responsive Web Design. I was enjoying every moment of it.

Even with Html and Css there were subjects I couldn’t get at the first project and I had to complete Youtube course of FCC before making Portfolio Page Project. Which worked really well for me. The thing is I just started to really understand Css and enjoy building things with it. I am so much into animations, specially 3D ones. When I first made a moving object on the web page with CSS that was it! I was hooked!

Here comes the question: I want to study more with Css and build cool animations with it to sharpen my skills. I see crazy stuff on internet made only with Css. Beautiful animations, interactive web pages, things could be a background for a game… But also there are cooler things you can do with Js. So ,do you think I should continue with Js and sharpen my skills by using html, css and Js altogether or I should become proficient with Css then move to Js? I am so confused. Can’t decide if working more with just Html and Css would be waste of time.

Any advice or point of view will be helpful! Thanks in advance!

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once upon a time, it used to be that someone with great html/css skills and excellent drawing/design skills could find a job as an interface designer. Nowadays you need more than that. You do need JS I believe to really make yourself marketable.
One way to check this though (as the answer may differ slightly depending on your location) is to look up jobs in your area. How many can you find that only need html/css? How many that need JS? Then make up your mind that way.


sharpen your skills in css is very good, however, while learn more programming language more may make new tecnologia.
The path is not easy but don’t stop, these two technologies together are a great success for an enthusiast like you

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I know I need Js, even to make a web page properly working. For animations, all the libraries I should use connected to Js. It’s a must and I will learn it. I’m also aware I will enjoy using it once I can understand its basics :))

The question is if better understanding in CSS and using it for more complex projects can help to understand Js better or it’s just not that necessary. Considering I want to sharpen my skills for animations and 3D animations.

I didn’t make it so clear in my first post. My bad :slight_smile:


yes I understand.
Well javascript as you could is one more language of algorithms on the other hand CSS is a web page style sheet, I don’t think that no matter how hard you get into CSS you will be able to understand javascript better because they are two different things.
As a suggestion, study programming algorithms on YouTube, a short video will give you a better idea and any questions share it with me and I will try to help you.

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Got it! I will definitely check videos too. Thanks!

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