Feeling demotivated .... What to do next

Hi I’ve been learning from freeocodecamp on and off ( 4-5 months break, cause I felt very demotivated at that phase, so I’d to quit) . It’s been already about a year . I’ve finished HTML and CSS … I’ve done few courses including few from udemy and one from frontendmasters . I’m feeling pretty confident in CSS things. Now I’m not sure if I should start Js or master CSS things . Kinda feeling demotivated :frowning:
Please help me what should I do :frowning:

you can start JavaScript if you want, you don’t need any previous knowledge to start that certification

That really depence onto your own charather and others can’t decide that for you.
If you like CSS and want to see direct result’s and it makes you happy then go for CSS and start your own project. Do some tutorials our Google some idea’s there’s allot of stuff you can expend onto.

If you really want to think more deeply and going step by step over something then JS could be something for you. FCC has a course that teach you step by step but, it’s really all up to you.

Do whatever you like doing and fit you the most. You can alway’s change your mind.
Happy Coding

Well if you have inspiration and you like to create nice looking apps and you have ideas you should go with CSS like serious about it. Also even if you decide to go for Javascript mostly they want you to be not only developer but kind of designer too, so if you go for Javascript you still need to know some css although maybe not perfect. Now it depends on your region and job requirements in there.

If you are old, you could get some kind of job! They pay lots or show off your skillls on YT
A simluar person is codebullet
He makes videos of him coding cool stuff. XD