Feeling demotivated lately any advices?

Hello Im a begginer in Programming and I’m kinda being demotivated lately …any advices?

We’ve all been there. Here is some advice:

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keep going it needs to become a habit

Yes ,I’ll try my best!!!

Set goals, such as
“I will master and obtain Javascript Certificate in 3 weeks.”
Then, set a goal as to how many modules you will complete in a day."

You will notice that some days you do fewer modules, and some you do more, so it will equal out at the end.

Eventually, this will become a habit and you will naturally want to do more and more.


You could also make it a challenge. I will be starting a blog with my journey soon. I am a hard worker, so I will move quick, and you can see if you can keep up/beat me. (I am a beginner also, just finishing up the HTML/CSS cert.)

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Use the forums to get assistance when you get stuck or have questions. Stay engaged in the forum sections and help others if you can. You can also join freecodecamp study groups for extra motivation.

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