Losing Motivation!

This will come as a surprise to some people. I have been intensively been learning Web Development over the past couple of days, i did really great and felt really great after completing the challenges. I created some pages and whenever I look at them i get demotivated and I don’t know what to do next, I’m stuck between moving forward with JavaScript an d making the pages that I’ve built. I’ve been down lately and really demotivated I don’t like it and hope I get over this feeling soon.


Sometimes I get that feeling too, but remember that pic in the middle of course where the guy punches through the monitor. We have to push forward! I like that pic, telling us to don’t sweat it. That we got this!

In order to change or refuel sometimes I read some other material over the net, or code exercises in other websites as well. Also, get an idea for a side project preferably something that will be useful to you and/or others and start it and make changes every now and then. Even if we only change or add a few lines to an exercise or our side project but do it everyday, it will be progress and we will be in a position infinitely better than if we were doing nothing :slight_smile:

Code on!


Hi I’d say it’s pretty normal to feel overwhelmed, but it’s true what everyone here says - just keep pushing forward and you’ll be surprised at what you’ll be able to do.

Maybe you should set yourself a long term goal, don’t put yourself under pressure but keep learning.

Keep going!


What you resist, persists!

I feel demotivated all the time, and I love it!
I treat it as a friend who is kicking my butt to motivate me.
It shows that I am leaving my comfort zone and growing.
If you want to get better at something, you work it until it hurts.
It is that ‘hurt’ that makes the body rebuild itself stronger.
Look at my website, read the caption, read his famous quotes, and you will see why I made a tribute to this man.


P.S. I have not received a feedback yet, but do I let that bother me, no!
I use that energy to help others like you, to make people like you motivate others like me.


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Just to add on top of what others already stated:

maybe web dev is not for you.

And there’s nothing wrong in that.
Developing has many different branches that you can work on. Games, App, Database, Big Data just to list a few.

My suggestion would be to try and experiment different fields and hopefully you’ll find the one that click for you.

This helped me a lot when I feel like tossing my laptop off the balcony… codecombat.com is JS but really, you don’t have to know any to get started and it’s actually fun. Try not to get too focused on getting your pages perfect, in a few weeks you’ll probably go tear them apart and re-build them just because you will have all these new ideas.


Also, don’t be afraid to do something completely different. Learning to code is literally learning a new language! Imagine you were dropped into a foreign country, only using a language you don’t know, surrounded by new people, staring at new and unfamiliar tools… a week in and you’d be dying to just have a conversation about absolutely anything in your native tongue.
Spend a few hours doing something you’re good at - sports, cooking, games… and remember you probably struggled hard when you started doing those things too!

Don’t worry, you’ve got this!


It comes as no surprise to me. You sound very human. Only robots have awesome days every day. Life is but a series of ups and downs. If you’re lucky that ratio is above 50%. Generally, you want to analyze your life and make important decisions during the ups and not during the downs. In other words, take a break if you must - and sometimes you must. Get some rest, gain new perspective.
There’s good advice above and you’ll find the FCC forum to be a good place to absorb some motivation from other fellow campers. This is not easy, but the rewards are worth the effort.

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@Thabangs I wrote this for you https://medium.com/@michaelhenderson/losing-motivation-when-learning-to-code-9ac672ac15b9

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I read your post and I really liked it. I also like the fact that you attack some issues like why I am I learning to code. I think that is one of the most important issues affecting how you stay motivated. Thanks for taking your time and writing such a beautiful piece.