What is your motivation to keep learning web development and programming

I got interest in web development in January this year (2016) and still I haven’t made much progress. Not because I can’t understand html, css but because I didn’t put too much effort in learning them. Now I am ready to dig in it seriously but I am afraid that my interest will disappear again.
I would like to hear some inspiring stories or just tell me (and to the whole community) what motivates you to keep on learning :smiley:


I just really enjoy it. I enjoy the mental challenge of creating algorithms and using code to solve problems or to create something.

I definitely don’t do it for the money, my current job pays about as much as software developers earn, so there isn’t a lot of motivation to switch careers (and I get to code as part of my job anyway.)

I don’t know how else to explain it, I just really like it. Motivating myself to code isn’t really any harder than motivating myself to read a good book or watch a movie I’m interested in, or eat food that tastes good.


I’m the same as @slocodemonkey here.

I just LOVE it!

It appeals to me for the same reason DIY and poetry appeal to me. I love breaking things down, learning tools and methods, and creating interesting things from simple materials.

The benefit of code compared to DIY or poetry though is that it is much more shareable! Only my wife really appreciates my DIY efforts, and NO ONE should want to read my hacky poetry (for good reason, FWIW).

However, a hacky piece of code that is functional and helps someone achieve something or just entertains them, is much more satisfying to put out into the world.

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If I’m not learning, I’m falling behind. It’s like exercise: as soon as you stop doing it you lose fitness and it doesn’t take that long to knock you back to the beginning.

I’m having fun! And the works others put out is so inspiring. Also, the many advancements we’ve made touch me every day, most of them having something to do with software. I’d like to add to that and support learning like FCC and Khan Academy.


To keep me going, because I can easily get distracted and move on to another thing, I’ve become a volunteer for a hacking for non profits organisation and although at the moment I can’t really code, I get to see how people work on real projects and being a part of a team of such kind people makes me work harder. To help out until I will have the skills to participate in the creative process I’m just testing and try to break what they build.


I like to learn, build things, and come up for with technology solutions. I hope to eventually know enough to be useful to run a tec startup with business and programming skills.


I’m broke and looking to get a job!


brutally honest :slight_smile: