Unsure when i should begin to learn JS

Hi coders
im a beginner and have learned some of the basic of HTML and CSS
and im unsure if i should finish the whole (responsive web design) all the courses before learning JS or if i should start learning JS now at the same time. :thinking:

ive been peeking at JS and im having a hard time truly understand everything :face_with_spiral_eyes: is there like any website that like simplifies JS or like give a good desription of what everything is/does?

I was also a beginner until I discovered freeCodeCamp and started working through the certifications.

I didn’t begin JavaScript until I had completed the HTML/CSS certifications, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t make a start if you feel ready now.

HTML and CSS are relatively straightforward as they are markup languages.
JavaScript is a scripting language and is quite tricky at first as there are a lot of new concepts to learn, but I found the freeCodeCamp course pretty comprehensive and a solid foundation. Don’t worry if it seems daunting at first, just take it a step at a time and research anything you don’t understand at first. There are endless resources out there to help you figure stuff out!

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If you’re strongly motivated to start learning JavaScript before finishing the HTML and CSS sections you can, but generally I recommend following the curriculum in order.

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