Web development starting point

Got a question that’s troubling me and I need your advice.
I’ve learned some HTML (links, images, paragraphs, headlines, lists) and know how CSS works but very basic stuff.
Should I dive into learning Javascript and get back to HTML, CSS later or should I first be good at those two and then start JS?

Thank you for your time!

JavaScript is the actual programming language, without it what you can do is pretty limited

go with JavaScript as soon as you can, it’s really harder than HTML/CSS

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I guess I would just go for what’s more fun to you. Especially in the initial stages, I think it’s important not to force the learning process too much.

As far as my personal experience goes: I completed the Responsive Web design projects before starting with JavaScript.
I personally have been happy with this choice, although I remember that back then I was really looking forward to JavaScript, since that seemed more interesting to me.

TL;DR: Anything goes.

But since you probably prefer a direct answer regardless of wether or not it really matters,… Go for Responsive Web Design first, until it feels forced…
then, go to JavaScript

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Yes. In other words you should both get started on JS and also continue to update your HTML/CSS skills.

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Thank you so much for the immediate response! :smiley:

I’ve heard that if I do it simultaneously I will get confused and go nowhere…
But I also heard that it can be done…
I was thinking of splitting my learning in the day 50/50 (half HTML/CSS and the other half Javascript).

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