Oh well, I have been neglecting the fact that if you want to learn JS you MUST learn HTML and CSS… I have been learning JS without paying attention to the other two guys (HTML and CSS) until one freecodecamp said to me:

Note : For all remaining projects in this curriculum, you will need a basic level of knowledge in HTML and CSS. If you are new to HTML and CSS, please go through the Responsive Web Design Certification.

Thus, I stopped the JS course and started the suggested course…

A detour? Yes. Worth it? Yes… I am gonna take it easy and try to complete at least my first c ertification with FCC…

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if you are coming from JavaScript, HTML and CSS will come easy to you.

They can both be tricky in their own ways, but the basics are easy to learn for someone who has already been struggling with the level of abstract thinking a computer language requires.

You’ll probably be able to go back to the JS course soon.

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I did the exact same thing. I finished CS50x by Harvard and then wanted to take DS&A with Javascript. I decided to detour for ~1 month to finish the Responsive Web Design certification, which I finished yesterday. HTML and CSS are very easy to learn compared to programming languages, so it should take you no time. Good luck!

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Here are my experiences from “learning Hell and How to avoid it”


  1. Learn HTML and CSS
  2. Build loads of projects ( refer to frontend mentor )
  3. Learn JS
  4. Repeat step 2 for JS as well
  5. Repeat 3 & 4 for React or any other JS framework of your choice.

As I didn’t know this simple steps, I had literally wasted and struggled through 2021 and 2022 sigh

All the very best

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Kudos on your certification. I have noticed that this course is easier and I have enjoyed it a lot. I am in the middle of the Markers project and it’s been fun to play with CSS and colors… Great stuff…

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Thanks boss, it seems reasonable. Plus, if one is lazy as me, makes more sense… HTML and CSS are a piece of cake compared to JS. Still, I don’t think that the time I spent learning JS was wasted… It was just exploration…

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You definitely do not need to know HTML/CSS to learn JS. You could learn it has a general purpose programming language just as you can with Python, or Go, or whatever.

The code has to output to something and as the main point of JS is to interact with web pages, your “output” is often interacting with HTML.

But if you only want to learn general purpose programming, you can just pick a different language.

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really ?? try doing Google sign up and login pages without using JS and please share your github link to review the code.

These must look exactly same like production versions.

Oh, also make it mobile friendly ( Responsive web design ) which is kind of mandator for all the web projects

All the very best and share results here.

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Oh yes! I have played with other languages like Python, R and Julia, I stumbled upon JS while playing with a google app called Grasshopper (no longer available) on my cell phone. While playing I realized that I was learning JS programming (It was pretty cool… Too bad it was discontinued.) I had also used node.js with Notepad++ and that nppexec plugin (I am too primitive but it works for what I need…) I am learning HTTP/CSS to have a glimpse of frontend development.

I don’t know! I am just exploring and so far it has been alright. Regarding github I will do my best to learn that as well