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Hi, I recently finished all my HTML lessons, project ideas. Thanks to everyone who created and the people who helped me finish this course. Now I want to my practice into a test. I am thinking of making an HTML-only project. no CSS or javascript. If anyone has an idea of what I should do please do tell me:)


I don’t think JS is necessarily essential for a fun project but witout CSS it is going to look quite plain. Just wondering, is there a reason you don’t want to use CSS?

Hi @Kasakapen !

Congrats on finishing the lessons!

I agree with @bbsmooth that without CSS it will be a little plain.

But what you could do is start doing a project with HTML only and make sure the HTML structure and syntax is correct. Then you can add css to it.

Here is a list of ideas


I do not really care about the look of the website yet. I just want to put what I learned in the HTML courses to test:)


I think it would be super cool if you created a little tutorial of HTML basics through or something!

This was my take on a HTML only page:

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I think she want to master HTML then she will start learning CSS and she will combine them in a single project.
The same’s here

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