CSS & HTML practice with solutions needed


With zero web development experience, I started learning html and css(and merely just these two) a month ago and I just finished it. Do I start to learn js now?

And I feel very inconfident with what I have gained, that I cant use the properties and values correctly. So I think I need to do more practice, building projects is not an option at this stage and I have done the practice on freecodecamp already…

Can you tell me where else I can find practice materials…preferably not videos?


Why are the projects “not an option”?

because I am really not ready yet, I can only write simple html and use simple css properties

That’s the whole point of the projects though. If you have been able to understand all of the freeCodeCamp challenges, then you have the tools to start doing the projects.


The first project (Tribute Page) is very simple. You have all the tools you will need. You will still probably have to review a lot of what you’ve learned so far to complete it, but that’s how you get all of the information you’ve learned to really stick in your brain.

You can also ask any questions here in the forum. :slight_smile:

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if a senior developer say so, thats the way to go.

Thanks :))))))

You can do it! Get it wrong as often as you need. Ask for feedback. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.