Practice what i have learned in css and html

I have been fairly consistant with my free code camp learning modules but i feel that i do not retain all the information. where can i practice the first ten items i learned in the class for html or css?
I have python but i cannot find html or css files there, help please i am a total beginner!!
where do i practice this where i can do small projects and check my work?
what do i practice?
do i need to download a practice board, is there such a thing?
i learn by repetition and practice with fairly easy challenges. where is that?

at the end of the certificate you will need to do five projects
the suggested platform is , you can use that for practice, create an account, write the html in the HTML box, the css in the CSS box and see in almost real time what they do in the live preview

also, nothing stops you, after submitting a challenge, to go back and do changes and see what happens

important thing: don’t try to remember everthing, instead find a documentation website (ex. and consult it everytime you need, and focus on understandingn on how stuff work instead of memorizing it

thank you for your reply , this was very helpful