Looking for practice activities for the HTML et al certs

I have been able to get through the HTML certifications however they seemed easy. I need to be able to practice the skills the curriculum teaches. Is their a section of the freecodecamp website or other resource that allows me to practice the skills I’ve learned. I’m not trying to blaze through the courses. I really want to learn the ins and outs of each and then build on the next skills when my learning calls for it.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Build some cool looking websites. You can make your freeCodeCamp projects bigger and better, or you could build something new. One way to practice html and css is to find an existing website and make a “clone” of it. Since you haven’t done JavaScript yet, it won’t have the same behaviors as an existing site, but you can see how close you can get to making it look the same. People who are wizards at css can use it to draw some pretty fancy digital pictures. I bet if you google around you can find some css design challenges.

I hadn’t thought about copying a website. Thanks. I will get started with this and see how far I get.