Should I finish JS lessons first?

Hello I just finished the HTML and CSS lessons and I want to start Responsive Web Design Projects. Before to begin those projects should I finish the JS lessons first, or HTML and CSS are enough for me for now ?


I too finished HTML & CSS recently. And started Projects. I completed 1st project out of 5. Now, I’m working on 2nd.

Projects aim to test our knowledge that we learnt during the Responsive web design course and they are designed accordingly.

What I suggest is, If you have previous knowledge of JavaScript or other then you can implement in it. If not just go on and implement what you learnt in the course in your projects. Just explore it. That is what I’m doing.

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You will surely need JavaScript for those projects, remember that the front end is HTML + CSS + JS

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you don’t need JS
the Responsive Web Design Projects are there to let you put to practice the stuff explained in the curriculum, if you would need something taught later, we wouldn’t call the freeCodeCamp curriculum linear


Now im little confused. I was planning to finish JS lessons (up to the project tasks) and then doing the all projects and finally take the two certification at the same time. I think as you said JS lessons might be not necessary to do the CSS projects but could you tell your opinion about my plan?

You can totally do it, the two certificates are independent from each other, but you need knowledge from both to do the third

But, still, javascript is not needed to complete the projects, and the longer you stay away from html and css, the most difficult it will be to get back to it and do the projects


I recommend html and CSS lesson first because these lessons will truly improve your js lesson.

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