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Hey, guys. I’m done with my last project for RWD certification. Hope you’ll like it. I kept it pretty simple. I will add more content later.

Codepen - here
Hosted - here

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really good job!! did you complete all the tutorial before building your portfolio? or you just completed HTML and CSS?

im still working on some tutorial and aside im learing javascript, still dont know if i should finish all the tutorial or complete the project with HTML and CSS.

When you code do you usually complete HTML and then work on CSS or youre using both at the same time?

Thanks brother.
yes i’ve completed only the responsive web design curriculum. And going forward as it is organised.

There is no need for you to use JS in this project. But if you want you can use. Finish the first module as go through as it is organised. You can go with some tutorials on youtube to understand difficult topics like grid and flexbox. When you’ll watch videos you’ll get the understanding how it is used practically.

One thing I learned is that you should always complete HTML and fill up the content on your website then go with CSS. Always!

cuz you can easily mess everything, first markup and fill the content at same time, don’t leave space for it. After that style with CSS and JS if you want to.

Use to get new ideas and learn new things in web design.