Completed Responsive Web Design after 4 months!

I expected it to take 1 and half months, it took 4.
But I learned so much about the basics. For me personally the toughest part was understanding CSS Grid. I am yet to implement a project with this.

What helped me pass so far:

  • using the freecodecamp search bar and articles to learn about flexbox, grid, div, html, span, transitions etc
  • using youtube videos for very specific concepts
  • CSS tricks .com and W3schools
  • Taking a break and going for walks when I was really stuck also made a massive difference

The big projects took me 4 to 5 days each and it was challenging.

Here’s the Github code (and live website): click here


@aldehyde Congratulations for sticking with it. Yes, it pays off in the end. Do you have any plans for collaborating for any projects on github?


Great! :tada: Keep Going! :grinning:


I’m thinking of doing Github collaboration (which is open source work) in future but this is not certain. Freelance work is also an excellent option. Either way, its all in future and I can even do both

My current goal is to finish the Javascript cert first so I have the foundation for anything else.


Learn by doing. :smile: We look forward to hearing your next accomplishment.



Keep up the great progress!


Thank you so much @Jyothsna13 @bijiyiqi2017 @anon42932716!
You are awesome!



You as well. You have inspired me to step back, and create some goals for next year. While I already had this intention, you inspired me to not just create my goals (my initial intention ) but to also share here.


Hello! @EarthDust

Is there any way to DM you?


Congratulations :clap::tada: good job and Best of luck for the future…

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Thank you so much @hasanzaib1389 !

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Congratulations for your grit. Keep rocking ni 2024

Do checkout FrontendMentor to start building more complex projects and join vibrat community as well ( to build project in team, just like real world )

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Thank you so much @vikramvi !

I think I will make use of FrontendMentor after the JS cert :+1:

I suggest start building plain HTML & CSS projects like plain Gmail login / sign up page and you will understand complexities of HTML and CSS ( as it will involved RWA as well ), as well learn trick on the way.

You can divide 50% of the time building HTML & CSS projects + learning JS.

There are loads of things to learn with HTML and CSS itself

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What does RWA stand for?

Please Google “What does RWA stand for in web development?”

Also goto YT and search “kevin powell mobile first approach”

He’s the GURU wrt CSS tips and tricks.

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Yes you are right. I found that HTML + CSS is really massive.

Its also not so easy to develop a project unless you think about every step carefully.

I am finding it a bit hard to divide my time between 2 things, so for now I will go with JS alone. It reduces the stress on my end to learn the whole day and focus on remembering and understanding concepts.

IMHO this is wrong approach, take step by step approach, build plain HTML and CSS projects; gain confidence and then only move only.

During my learning phase I had followed below approach, which worked well

  1. HTML & CSS => projects
  2. JS => projects
  3. React => projects
  4. TS => projects ( optional )

I have been using this approach, and I recommend it. Then after you’re confident you can combine the skills and build projects based on them.


@vikramvi @stephenmutheu
Thank you so much for your guidance. I will follow your valuable advice.

Will keep a hold on JS for now and work on HTML + CSS projects using FrontendMentor as you have said.