Completed Responsive Web Design after 4 months!

Also join their community on discord, create your own team and build together just like in real world projects. That will be a great learning experience.

Also don’t forget to commit your code on daily basis to Github, this will help you later in getting internship / job.

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True. This would definitely be a great way to learn. Cant express enough how helpful your guidance is to me! Thank you!

You won’t image the hell I went through when learning web development in 2021 and 2022 as I didn’t receive any proper guidance or clear path of learning.

Don’t hesitate to ask any further queries.

Also don’t worry about recession etc as startup across globe always has got openings irrespective of market conditions, as they have enough cash to burn for few years :wink:


Yup similar situation here. I have 2 CS degrees but no proper skill (especially DSA for interviews which I learned only theoretically 3 years ago)
I’m here to learn something that actually makes sense and interests me and am very supportive of others in their journey too.

It feels very motivating and inspiring to do something and actually understand what is happening. The job part is also important but very slightly less important for me

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I wouldnt stop learning JS just to focus on html and css. To me that doesnt make much sense. If you have a good grip on the basics then you have enough to start learning JavaScript. JavaScript has you manipulating the DOM. So, things like making lists, hiding text, toggling colors, etc. You dont need to know advanced html and css to do that. Really, only focus solely on html and css if you’re that unsure of your skills with them. Or, and not saying you do (if you have trouble multi tasking) then only focus on one. Html and css are easy compared to JS so do whatever you are more comfortable with. There is no roadmap that is going to work for every single person


Great job! Keep it up!!!


Thank you so much @Jeff6854