It is hard. I almost want to give up

After completing Responsive Web Design course, I went on to study Javascript and algorithms course. Responsive Web design is not that bad, but Javascript and algorithms are where things get difficult. I understand the examples when I am studying, but I get lost in the projects sometimes.

Hi @vincinchristmas !

Most people have gone through this because learning your first programming language does take some time to understand. It is a different type of thinking than HTML and CSS.

My advice is to be patient with yourself because it take time before things start to make sense. Study a little bit each day, and reach out to the forum when you need help.

Through time and practice, JavaScript will start to click


I suggest below from my learning / tutorial hell experiences of 2021

  1. Stop learning JS, algorithm at once
  2. Start building HTML and CSS only projects ( refer to frontend mentor website )
  3. Join FM community and join a team who is learning as well
  4. Once you’re fully comfortable with HTML and CSS, then only learn JS and build projects with JS

At present you’re simply getting overwhelmed and feeling exhausted. Follow above steps and see the change.


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I just want to point out that people dont learn the same way, and what works for someone else is not always going to work for you. This is nothing against Vikramvi, and he does have some helpful suggestions. Front end mentor is a great place to get use to doing projects, and practicing your html and css. By all means you can give this a try, but no one here knows yourself better than you and how you learn.

This all takes time and practice, but if you keep working at it you will start to see improvement. Try to work on some type of coding every day, it doesnt have to be something super big or for a long time but you always want to be learning. Feeling overwhelmed is part of programming, and happens to everyone when they start out. So, dont feel like you are alone. Just keep going at it, and it will all start to make sense, and remember we are all here if you ever have any more questions, or need some help with what you are working on


A bit of advice: Javascript isn’t exactly the best language to start with. I’d highly recommend Python or Kotlin, if you want to start with something not only a bit easier, but also easier to use. If you want to go deeper, try C#.

And remember this: there’s nothing wrong with forum posts and Googling. You don’t become an amazing developer overnight. And you don’t have to use Visual Studio, or Linux, or any other thing that programmers mark as “the sign of a professional” to be a professional. Use what fits your needs.

One final thing. AVOID STACK OVERFLOW! I know most developers talk about it as “the forum,” but it’s not. (It’s technically not even a forum.) The moderators are horrible, and the userbase can be extremely rude. I’ve found that the best place to ask for help with code is on smaller forums, like this one.


I already do that why simultaneously learning Javascript.

Yes, I understand that it can be hard at first and will click eventually.

After doing one project on Frontend-mentor and almost doing the others, I admit I found the others a bit too hard to do, but I won’t give up. I have decided to redo the projects on here without any help, just looking at the finished product example as I would do on Frontend mentor and figuring out how to duplicate by myself. Once I feel I have reviewed and am at a certain level, I will go back to doing some projects on Frontend mentor

I don’t want to derail the conversation to much but I do want to make this important point.

While you are learning, it is not only important to learn how to code, but it is equally important to learn how to ask for help when you need it.

Instead of rebuilding the projects without any help, I would suggest focusing on starting with the user stories and basic css design and then if you get stuck, reach out to the forum for help.

One of the reasons why employers are hesitant to hire juniors is because a lot of juniors don’t know how to ask for help on the job. Instead they will spend a lot of time struggling by themselves and falling behind.

Learning how to ask for help is a skill that will serve you greatly on the job and will allow you to grow more as a developer. :+1:


thanks for the tip. Will keep this in mind

[quote=“AgentLoneStar007, post:6, topic:608013, full:true”]AVOID STACK OVERFLOW!

I asked a question on Stack Overflow last year and they answered my theory question, they also fixed all my code where I didn’t use “self” with my Python classes/objects, among other embarrassments. I like Stack Overflow but I guess it’s a bad place to ask questions like “what language should I use”.

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