Skipped html and CSS Section

So basically I jumped straight to the JavaScript curriculum instead of going through the html and CSS section. I’m currently halfway through the intermediate algorithm section and was wondering should i go back and finish html and CSS after i finish algorithms or continue?

side note: I have no prior programming/coding experience

You can finish the JS curriculum without the HTML/CSS. I personally did that.

But, there are many things needed in the 3rd certificate (responsive design) that built on the skill from both. So I went back to the HTML/CSS then moved forward afterwards.

Depends on how far you want to go. The javascript and HTML/CSS sections don’t intersect at all, but Responsive Design builds on both.

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alright by the sound of things I’ll go back to the html/css after i finish the intermediate algo section then. Thanks again pjonp!

you can finish all the JavScript certificate, it may be best for you to focus in one argument a time, after finishing JavaScript projects you can go to the responsive web design certification

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