Accidentally Skipped Responsive Web Design. Go Back?

I accidentally skipped Responsive Web Design cert. I am only half way through “Basic JavaScript” portion of the JavaScript cert (just a couple days of work). Do you all suggest that I go back to complete the Responsive Web Design Cert before I continue with the JavaScript one?

I do not have any experience with any programming or computer science. I have an extremely superficial understanding of SQL that I picked up from working. Any help is greatly appreciated. Seems like a great forum.

If you want to you can go back, but you don’t have to because Javascript cert doesn’t require any of web design knowledge.

That said, you can go back to web design curriculum after you finish JavaScript cert.

Thank you. Just wasn’t sure if it was necessary. My end goal is to get to all of the certs. It is all for my own personal gain/potential future jobs as I am doing it when I am not at my current job.
As long as the JavaScript cert does not require it I will most likely do that one next.
If anyone thinks it would help me retain the JavaScript info a bit better I am open to going back too. I appreciate the response.

I’d only go back and do it if you want to learn it. The topics covered in the “design” cert are more or less totally separate from learning to program.

I believe the JavaScript/programming related curriculum is the hardest to learn (html+css is just a set of roles) but the most beneficial to learn. Learning to program is more powerful, job market wise, than learning how HTML and CSS works, but it is harder, and on a totally different level.

I’d maybe skim over some of the courses, or read up on some of the topics the challenges cover just to get an idea of what you missing out on (its this)

Good luck, keep on learning :smile:

You can do the JavaScript one as first with no issue, but if you want to continue eith the front end frameworks certificate you need the html/css one or you would be missing the basic concepts to understand that

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Thank you. I will definitely start that one after I finish out the JavaScript as it is peaking my interest a bit more than I though it would.