How long did it take you to get the responsive web cert?

I just completed the projects and got the cert in 1.5 weeks working almost everyday for 5+ hours. I’ve learned a lot and there’s so much more to learn that I’m excited for. It feels good to have accomplished it. My projects were okay, not phenomenal but my focus was keep it simple to not overwhelm myself and psyche myself out to just end up giving up. Eventually I’ll go back and fix my portfolio page of course but did you guys just jump straight into the next course or did you try to refine your skills alittle more because I sort of feeling like I might’ve finished too quickly?


If you think you made it too fast then create something else! I don’t know, recreate google homepage (visually, not functionalities) or something,
But keep learning new things there is no issue if you think you are ready to go forward - and after the JavaScript cert you will start again creating page, but with more functionalities

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Wow, I like your page.
It is very classy and modern.

Thanks for the replies! Yeah that was my initial plan too I wanted to be be able to learn Js and react and then start polishing websites. I have some experience with C++ and Python so hopefully I won’t have too much trouble.

Nice redesign! Modern and simple looking but I’m sure it took awhile to create lol

Over a year… and still going because I never finished it (or any of the other certs for that matter haha!)

I main reason I never grinded to get the certs is mainly due to time and need. I’ve done a number of the lessons, and focused primarily on the programming side of things for two reasons.

  1. I’m a terrible designer
  2. I wanted to focus on my Javascript skills

Certs are just pieces of paper saying congratz they won’t suddenly give you a job when applying for jobs. It will show you did do something, but then so does having a github portfolio filled with projects. I only bring this up because it’s important to realize the whole experience of doing the projects and challenges is to learn the skills, not to complete and get the certs. Don’t get caught up in the gamification of Free Code Camp. The value is in the learning experience, not the end result.

I usually say the best way to learn is to do. If you feel like you rushed your way thru the first part of the courses, then go and build all the projects from scratch. Or build an entire new project from the ground up. Or just right into the programming areas of the circulum and start learning what I think is the real money maker (how to program), just keep learning!

Good luck, keep building :smiley:

Trust me, A lot of html and css is research. You do not have to memorize it. However, it is about learning the basics and the process of creating a good looking website is what matters.


I wouldn’t worry too much about finishing fast. Some people move at a different speed and that’s perfectly fine. The thing I would focus on most is making sure that with each project you’re making it a little bit better than the last one. This might include making the css file more organized, or it might mean you’re making the website more accessible .

Thank you for these great resources!