When to move on?

Currently studying front end web development from a variety of resources and have been focusing on mainly html and css but i feel like I can’t get css down to the point where I can comfortably style a website how I want. Should I continue with css till I become proficient at it or should I move onto JS now

I have some projects on github and codepen


Did you learn CSS3 grid and flexbox yet?

I have not. Still a little foggy on getting things to position the way i want. Just finished watching the net ninjas positioning playlist on YT to get a better grasp of it.

Get to know some javascript is good now. Sometimes you need write some js to help you to do the layout. You can always come back to css when you need it.

Looks like you still have a bunch to learn on the CSS side of things (transitions, animations, media queries, proper positioning, flexbox, grid, variables, etc). Luckily.

But you can always learn both at the same time.

Learning / coding CSS is much easier than javascript (at least to me), so I use it as a sort of breathing space. When I want to rest my head from complex JS things, I’d just fiddle around some CSS trick at codepen, or watch / read a tutorial on some new CSS thingies.

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(This is just to share experience, not necessarily a recommendation). I was also feeling a bit stuck early on, my layouts didn’t came out as I wanted, etc. I then moved on to learning js before even looking at any more advanced css like flexbox. This kind of worked for me as I enjoy working on implementing the logics in js a lot more and could also feel I’m progressing and getting things done. I would then pick up bits of css whilst working on projects, I think you can pretty easily learn basics of stuff like flexbox as long as you’re motivated which in my case is when I have some working (js) code already to use it on

I’d say there’s nothing wrong with dipping your toes in JS but…I’d recommend sticking with learning CSS as well since at the end of the day it’s a major part of the skill set for front end.

Have you ever checked out the CSS Tricks website? It’s my go-to for guides:

CSS Position: https://css-tricks.com/almanac/properties/p/position/
Floats: https://css-tricks.com/all-about-floats/
Full Page Backgrounds: https://css-tricks.com/perfect-full-page-background-image/
Sticky Footers: https://css-tricks.com/couple-takes-sticky-footer/

And I’ve been currently referencing this when messing around with Flexbox: https://css-tricks.com/snippets/css/a-guide-to-flexbox/

I’ll start to learn some JS while I continue to practice css. I’ve done fcc’s stuff. I’ve done html and css in about 5 courses on Udemy. Id link em if i wasn’t on my phone at work and I’ve watched DevTips and the net ninja on YouTube to learn some CSS. Then I try to make websites with out video help and I even tried to remake the front end of YouTube by just looking at a screenshot of YouTubes homepage. But i definitely make a lot of mistakes and things look ugly. I’ve also read John Ducketts book on html and css(haven’t started js/jQuery book yet).

I was going to try the Odin Project alongside fcc as an extra learning resource.

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@CydoEntis I just want to say for you to do not give up. I had exactly this feeling, but with persistence things went through. I made the mistake of given up in 2014 and I really regret of it. So just keep trying everyday a bit that it just flows after a while.

For CSS specifically, the CSS missing manual helped me a lot. For JS the course here in FCC and the free courses in Udacity were my main source. Just keep trying, we can do it! :wink:

my own personal experience… is I moved on through the fCC stuff and realized much later I had forgotten most of the CSS i had learned (this included starting off in Treehouse before fCC!!!)

I am presently just digesting a video a day (or so) in the @P1xt CSS Challenge (in the net ninja stuff right now). this is while moving along on to other stuff…

Her challenge is here:

(and I did the mini-challenge too)

It’s really about doing as you learn in other areas…