Getting stick in a rut and how to move on?

Hey there, long time listener, first time caller.

I’m looking for advice/other peoples suggestions in how to move forward from HTML/CSS. I’ll be the first to admit that i’m not the most structured person when it comes to being committed to coding every day, and life inevitably gets in the way with wife/kids/work and all that.

I feel like all I’ve done is get stuck on practicing HTML/CSS and at the moment, I’ve been focusing primarily on flexbox and getting tied in knots. It feels like I can’t move on to anything new because I don’t feel confident enough or feel like I’ve spent enough time on the previous topic regardless of my understanding of it. I’ll start with a plan to code out a layout, and end up stuck in a dead end trying to perfect the header and never move from there.

The plan had been to move on to Javascript by the start of February, but that’s been and gone.

I’m just looking for suggestions or methods other people have tried.

Thank you

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For me personally, the HTML/CSS was rough to keep my attention. I am more a ‘coder’ type person and really enjoyed the challenge of the JavaScript section. I didn’t appreciate the the HTML/CSS until certificate #3

Again; this is my experience: I decided that that I wasn’t going to try to perfect everything. My goal was to get through the projects and get the certificate. I pushed through all of the challenges, whether right or wrong, and my first project sucked. But someone that suggested: and my next project was a little better. And by the time I got to the 3rd/4th project I was writing HTML / CSS / flex-box with mild confidence. Just the basic stuff. If I could draw it on paper, I could make it close to what I wanted on screen. Basically just pass the challenge and still work on mobile (nothing complex, no animations, I knew my lane :slight_smile: )

AND, still to this day I can not use Grid and my code lacks accessible :frowning:

I personally choose to ignore these skills to move forward. And will maybe revisit them in the future.

That was my choice and how I approached the curriculum. And how I continued to approach the curriculum. Things like D3, jquery, Redux I am very poor with. But I have ‘exposure’ to them.

It really depends on how far you want to go in the curriculum and your goals. If your plan is to make it through the 3rd, my advice is to just make the projects for CSS/HTML pass the tests. And learn Flexbox/Grid (RIP Grid for me). You don’t have to perfect the projects, but at minimum know how containers work.

I guess my advice, from my personal point of view is, do not over think it and don’t expect perfection at any point with the F.C.C. projects. But, do learn as you go and push yourself to add new flair on each project. Challenge yourself to add something “simple” to each project that’s not in requirements.

The Javascript section is going to rough. But get through some projects with the HTML/CSS and hopefully that will help build some inspiration to move forward.

*also: thanks for being a listener


Done is better than perfect. Make something bad and start fixing it. With CSS, a huge part of how we make things work the way we want is to throw a first attempt up on the screen and then start tweaking it until it starts to look right. Sometimes after doing that you can review the whole thing and see some areas where you can streamline, but CSS is a lot of fiddling.

You don’t need a perfect plan. A good plan for a static web page is a rough sketch on paper, maybe with some rough notes about how you think you’re going to implement certain pieces.

You will gain much more from putting forth the best effort you can in a set amount of time and moving on than you will gain from spending two months to get that header to have just the right shadow effect on the text or whatever.

Just make something. Make something bad. Make something boring. Make anything.