Hitting a Slump!

Hello all!

This is my first post ever and I’m reaching out to ask for some advice. I’ve been working through the revised Responsive Web Design curriculum and I just finished the technical documentation project. I started off very ambitious, wanting to make the project my own, but ended up more or less re-creating the example project.

I’m doing the 100 Days of Code Challenge as well, and this will be day 45 for me. I feel myself hitting a slump in terms of motivation. What do you do when you feel that sort of thing happening in your own coding life?

Hey there Robert!
I’m working through the new RWD as well. I reached the survey form project. I wanted to make the project look fantastic but the problem was that I am a complete beginner to HTML+CSS. I had in my head what I wanted my project to look like but I was struggling with even basic stuff like uniform spacing. I realized that if I spent too much time on it, then I would lose momentum. So, I submitted whatever I could make in one day and put the thing on replit and connected it to GitHub. I now consistently complete 20 challenges a day and then spend a little time touching up my survey form on replit and then committing to GitHub so that I can track all the changes I made. It’s really satisfying to watch your project become better iteratively every day. I intend to keep doing this until I hit the next project at which point I’ll stop making any improvements to the survey form. This way, I can scratch both my perfectionism itch while keeping my momentum. I believe momentum and consistency will always help you tide over times of low motivation.
Hope that helps!

I ask myself “what’s next?”

What’s next in terms of what I currently know and could know? Is there anything cool and interesting that is similar to what I’m doing now I could checkout, and maybe find it useful?

If your still going through the Responsive Web Design curriculum you could continue with the next projects, or move into the next section of the curriculum now, even if you didn’t finish all the projects. Yes this does mean the first cert will have to wait, but if you are looking for motivation, then opening a few “new doors” to new things might help?

Good luck, keep learning, keep building :+1:

I had a very similar experience with the survey form project.

Finally decided to submit it, moved on to the next thing, went back a few times to tweak the survey form and plan to keep doing that as I learn more. Otherwise, I would’ve been stuck at that step for ages and would’ve lost motivation to keep going.

Thank you for sharing this - I relate a lot, and it makes me feel better about how I’m approaching things

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