Feeling a little intimidated

I finished the responisve web design certificate a year ago and then I ended up having to put my learning on hold for a whole year. I’m ready to get back into learning but I feel like I might have lost a lot of information I learned. Should I take the Responsive web design course again or just pick back up where I left off? I also feel like JavaScript might be too hard for me to learn. Soooo many doubts but I really do want to learn this stuff. I don’t even know what I’m looking for in this post. Maybe just some motivation and kind words I guess. It’s been a journey just to get to this point for sure and there is so much going on in my life outside of this that sometimes I feel like I will never be able to dedicate my time to it the way I want to.

I don’t think you should take the course again but you can just try to do another website from scratch yourself as a refresher project.
Learning something new can definitely be intimidating. But the good news is you are not alone. (In fact there are millions around the word who can relate).
Try getting your feet wet again and hopefully you’ll be feeling better about it soon.

ps. Have you seen the new book that Quincy (FCC’s founder) just published on the site? Might be a good read for you and a source of encouragement.

i suggest you to take a quick review with some videotutorials. Probably you forgot less than you think. Also I found javascript a lot easier than responsive course, is challenging in a different way but most times you can resolve the exercise just taking a paper, writing what you have to do, next writing the steps that you need to get that result, then you just have to translate that step to pieces of code.
Don’t be afraid and remember that you have google and freecodecamp. Just ask if you don’t understand something

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Quincy’s book is the reason I decided to get back into coding. Thank god I was still subscribed for his emails or I would never have come across it.

writing next steps might be some of the best advice I’ve heard. I will definetly try to apply that going forward. Thanks so much guys. I really love this place. I forgot how the positivity in this community can be so uplifting. Thanks 100 times over guys

Hi @Blaine88 !

Even if you hadn’t taken the break you probably would have forgotten a lot of the concepts because you haven’t had time to practice them and build projects yet. Most beginners go through this so it is completely normal.

I would continue where you left off. Once you start building projects, then you will need to google on how to build parts of the projects and reading through documentation on how certain things work.

Everyone will respond to JavaScript differently but it is not uncommon for beginners to take a while before it starts making sense.
Just take it day by day and ask questions on the forum on things you don’t understand.

Most people have doubts while they are trying to learn.
That’s normal.
Just take it one step at a time and dedicate a little bit of time a day to coding.
Over time and with continual practice, you will start to better understand how things work and develop confidence.

Hope that helps! :+1:

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