Should i stay and learn more or dive in Javascript?

So i finished all my projects on web design curriculum of FCC and i am so happy,even if my sites are not perfect.I can say that i was able to copy all of the layouts pretty good,but i had hard times when it came to make a site responsive.I had some issues.My question here is, should i stay and try to improve my responsive skills or is it better to dive in to javascript and look at responsive skills later when i will have some knowledge of javascript also?

It depends on what you are planning to pursue… The freeCodeCamp curriculum is laid out to best suit a person who wants to learn front end first then go to back end…

But you are free to jump around, if you are interested to pursue backend more than front end, then feel free to jump to javascript, but if you want to be a better designer and implement design details you might want to spend time on responsive curriculum.

I want to be a front end developer on my first steps.Javascript is used for the front end part also,am i right?I thought no front-end developer can get a job on front-end without knowing javascript.I would like to learn back-end but not now,maybe after 2 years from now.

Yes, but fundamentals of html and css is equally important.

You can skip around if you want, but make sure to come back to master responsive design as well

I think i am pretty good for a guy started learning 23 days ago. Of course i wanna master html,css and i will but i think i should also get the knowledge of javascript so i can start build projects and start messing around with these 3 languages and build projects.

Sure go ahead… more you build the better you get :slight_smile:

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