When to move to Javascript?

I’ve started the fcc curriculum a while ago, as well as using other resources. But now I’m stuck, I don’t know what to do next, I mean I think I’m comfortable with html and css, here’s something I’ve built so far: http://codepen.io/thooma/full/akgpPg/, (my github https://github.com/thooma), But I can’t build " sophisticated " front end, like I probably can’t build this :

and every time I look at somebody’s portfolio I feel so intimidated, so what should I do now, move on to javascript and jQuery or keep practicing html & css? (or any other thing that might be helpful)

Fair enough. Thanks ! I’m relieved now… ( :stuck_out_tongue: ), but what about that page that I said I can’t build, I mean, who would hire a guy who can’t build that, is it just going to come as the time goes by and I’m just combining all the skills I learned and implementing them into a website or something (if you know what I mean…) ?

You recommend doing the back-end cert before the data-viz?
Could you explain why?

Absolutely move on to JavaScript. It’s great you’ve developed some HTML and CSS skills, but even a straight designer should have some JavaScript proficiency.

Programming is great for making yourself feel really dumb in the beginning. Just keep working at it. The number one trait of a successful self-taught coder is tenacity.

Ok, so how about this: I’ll jump right to javascript and jQuery, and once I’m comfortable with those, I’ll try to build a website that’s beautiful, which will enhance my html & css skills, and then make it interactive which will do the same to my javascript skills, and after that learn responsive web design and make that website responsive, and then keep practicing those until I become comfortable with taking an Idea from my head to a nice beautiful responsive interactive website. ( and decide then whether I want to become a front-end dev or full-stack or whatever…). what do you think?

If you have something better or maybe other suggestion maybe…Thanks again.

@P1xt Thx so much for your thoughtful and helpful answer, as I’ve come to expect systematically from you! :slight_smile:
This leads me to a subsequent question: Following Derek Sivers’ advice (https://sivers.org/learn-js), I’m still doing everything using Vanilla JS (and plain HTML and CSS), in order to really master the fundamentals before using various libs, tools and frameworks. Do you advise that I start using these for the back-end cert or can I still try to do everything without?

@QuincyLarson I’ve heard that the “coming soon” sections were meant for September the 1st (I forgot my sources). Did I hear right? What’s the new expected shipping date, if you’ve got any?

P1xt, you are fairly active lately and I wanted to say the way you commend fcc curriculum and at the same time deliver harsh but reasonable judgement when it counts (like first failing to fill data viz despite its preSence on map and then subsequently failing to remove it when mistske became clear) is just plain awesome. You are also helpful towards fellow campers. I only can hope that your forum persona dont crumble under arrogance and self-righteousness that people often develop when they are active and praised online. This thought crossed my mind like third time already so i decided to send it live.

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@P1xt I see what you mean. I’ve almost finished the edX MEAN course after I read your recommendation on another post, and even though I’m not yet a “vanillaJS” master, I’ve still benefited a lot from it.
I got a high-level view and I can’t yet code a MEAN app from scratch, but many things I read on Twitter and Medium make more sense now ;).

@P1xt Your advice to thooma is amazing. I’m getting a ton of value out of simply reading your contributions on this forum. I can’t thank you enough! :slight_smile: