How comfortable with HTML/CSS should I be before beginning the java-script section?


I have just completed the Portfolio challenge and have now arrived at the JavaScript section. However I still feel pretty dam basic with HTML/CSS and was just wondering how comfortable with html/css I should be before moving on to learning Javascript? I do not want to move too fast. Here is my portfolio challenge for reference.

Any guidance appreciated thank-you. :slight_smile:

You look good to me!

I think you should be at the level where you can make a site without any references to other websites, so from scratch. :slight_smile:

That’s up to you. If you’re feeling interested and motivated to deepen your knowledge of HTML and CSS, go for it. I do not enjoy this part, so I prefer to get to algorithms (which I do enjoy) faster.

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I am on the intermediate algorithms and html/css knowledge hasn’t played a part in any of the challenges, so far as I recall. its really just writing functions in javascript and seeing if they pass a test.

Jump right into them!

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Your portfolio page looks great! Your carousel images are low resolution though (looks bad on a large screen) - I would fix that. Nice otherwise!

Yes, do the JavaScript section next. If FCC mapped out the challenges in the order that they did it’s because they believe that you can do it. Don’t worry about it - just do it. Keep in mind that you must go externally for supplemental knowledge. You’ll find the js challenging much more, well…challenging then the HTML/CSS. Good luck!

I disagree with needing to have a deep understanding / not needing to look up things in HTML/CSS before starting javascript. Once you start javascript every project is going to need HTML and CSS so you will definitely keep on improving in it so its kind of a waste to focus too much on it. It also really is not too complicated once you have used it a bit. JavaScript has a lot more to learn so its better to start as soon as you can.

I had a very shallow understanding of HTML and CSS when I started going through the projects but by the end I felt relatively confident so I know starting javascript before you feel ready is okay.

I do think you should do this CSS selector diner game thing though to make sure you are understanding selectors. I would not say you need to be at a level to go through without missing a challenge but I think you should finish it just make sure you are exposed to each challenge.

After completing a few projects I felt I was ready to tackle some CSS animation stuff then I found this amazing pluralsight course called CSS Animation with Transition and Transform. I also highly recommend watching that video course after a few javascript projects. You can get a free pluralsight account with a free microsoft visual dev essentials account.

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wow thanks so much for all the advice. I think I will get started on Java-script now. and thanks for the resources DustyPixel ill check them out.

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Good call. Everything builds on the previous work so you’ll continue to strengthen your HTML/CSS while proceeding.