Any other resources you can recommend for a beginner?

I have been loving the time I’m spending here at Free Code Camp, but I was wondering if anyone here could send me any other resources that could help supplement what I’m learning here. Thanks everyone!

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i like learning while i’m also having fun so…
i found this cool games

for css:

for javascript:


Colt Steele’s “The Web Developer Bootcamp” course on Udemy. Buy it whenever Udemy has a $10 sale.

Gordon Zhu’s Practical JavaScript:

I personally learned the most about straight HTML and CSS from Lynda in their “Front End Developer” learning path, which is now 13 individual courses:

I’d also recommend paying for 1 month (or 2 if you need the additional time) of Code School and blasting through their HTML/CSS and JavaScript paths. Their courses are pretty dang good at explaining how things work once you already understand the basics.

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I am using
Love it.


P1xt’s guides, in particular the “Job Ready Guide - JavaScript Edition 2.0” are fantastic supplements to FCC: