Absolute beginner looking for other sources to learn from

Hi I started FCC recently and am really getting into it but I have no previous experience in code,what other sources are best to look into to further my self teachings. I’ve tried looking online but there is so much out there I’m not sure where else to start for the best.

I just made a post about an edx course that would be great for an absolute beginner.

It will give you a great foundation to learn programming. It will make it easier for you to pick up python, JavaScript, ruby or whatever.

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I’m at the point now where I’m willing to spend a little towards learning but obviously the free is always a great option.
My goal is hopefully to build a new career out of this.

Here is a large list of resources for various areas for developers, and lots of user comments to go with them…



Thanks I’ve bookmarked the link to edx at the moment I’m willing to look at any new material although I’ll have to be careful not to overwhelm my self with too much information because I’m really getting into this and could easily get carried away.


Look into Code School. Well worth the reasonable fee that I pay every month.

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Here are my learning resources since a year ago :

  1. Tried FCC - basic Javascript too hard. Heard Python’s easier.
  2. Bought a book on Python/Django development from Leanpub (they have some affordable/free books). Didn’t get any of it. Tried some data science with Python instead.
  3. Thinks mastering Python is hard too. Tries Ruby instead, then Rails.
  4. Signed up for a signature track on Coursera.org, spent late nights writing code.
  5. Wrote Rails apps, tried looking for job. Employers say I must know Javascript to work for them.
  6. Back here in FCC - now quietly accepting abuse from Javascript.

FCC’s challenges are great; stack your shelves with some programming books. Then, ride the bull.


Great advise. Pick something and stick with it.

Codecademy.com – Would highly recommend over anything as an intro code learning platform. Very beautiful and intuitive interface (designed by Pentagram), free platform covering all major, core technologies, includes front-end/back-end tracks, and also even real time support…!

Had a great experience personally, and have since moved on to other platforms such as Udacity and Udemy. Currently here at FCC for the awesome experience in algorithms and additional portfolio exercises.

Much luck to you…!

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I just completed Udacity’s Intro to HTML and CSS course, and I found it extremely helpful for learning Bootstrap.

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Bud, JS is hard but not impossible… Search up “You don’t know JS - Up and Running” the “Scope and Closure” that should give you enough to learn. It breaks it down and is easy reading… Reading about coding is almost as good as typing it your self but it builds your programming vocabulary which makes google and stack overflow even more useful.


watchandcode.com to me is one of the best on the net. Give it a try and let me know how it works for you. Enjoy!!!

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Hi, I can recommend a couple of books that i posted about this morning also,

HTML & CSS, and Javascript and JQuery by John ducket both these books pretty much spell things out and they also are written well for visual learners.

Responsive webdesign with HTML5 and CSS3 one for after the john ducket HTML/CSS book, lots of info about HTML5 semantics and CSS layout techniques. its fairly highly acclaimed this particular book i believe.

On the link above you can get all 3 books in a set if you scroll down.


I’m totally new to coding, with a little bit of experience in HTML and CSS, but very little…I really like FCC but need additional resources for learning and strategies that I will follow…Because in a sea of ​​various resources as beginner can determine the best plan, I decided to seek the forumu. Your list seems ok to me-something that I could follow.So my question is whether is still valid and whether it is still recommended?And generally if you have some advice, because I see you are very active on the forum and you know what you’re saying.thanks

If you need to take the next step with jQuery after FCC I recomment this tutorial: from Learn the Web.

w3schools, Mozilla Development Network, codecademy and Udacity are great places for absolute beginners and my first teacher in Web Development is Youtube.

I agree with w3schools being a great beginner resource. They are great at giving a first example of a concept, and some examples to play around with. Then If you wish to know more Mozilla Developer Network will give more depth.

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