Trying to seriously learn JavaScript

Hello everyone so i am trying to learn JavaScript as best as i can, and i am wondering what are some of the best resources where i could learn it ? Books, websites whatever you guys think its the best way to learn by myself please i am really enjoying learning and i would like to pursue this as a career one day.

Thanks for the help !!!

Hey @Robinmalhotra ,
The best thing you can do is follow the FCC curriculum on

and then learn accordingly.
This curriculum will take you in right direction.

However, supplementing it with a few other resources could really help you.
One of the things i would recommend is :

It’s an over-all computer science course and it provides a great introduction to how things really work in programming languages.
So, i highly recommend this. (Bonus: It’s free.)

Other resources which could help:

I will also advise you to not get sad or overwhelmed when you do not get the concepts. This happens with everybody.
Just do not give up. Things will eventually start falling to in place

Apart from this, you can always post questions here on forum and there are people who will be more than willing to help you including myself.

Hope this answers your question. :slightly_smiling_face:

I learned by going through the FCC JavaScript challenges…at one point it got kinda rough for me, so I took a CodeCademy course on JavaScript, then came back and kept on going. After that, building the projects took my knowledge to the next level… You’re genuinely on the right site to learn JS…

The FFC curriculum is pretty good, especially the algorithms section, it truly helped me a lot to start thinking as a programmer. Having said that, I don’t think the FFC JS curriculum is very friendly for absolute beginners.

I would advise you to purchase Mosh Hamedani JS course, I believe it’s on udemy and courses there are usually cheap ($10 or so). I personally haven’t taken it myself, but I’ve done 2 of his courses, and to me he’s the best instructor I have ever seen. I wish I knew about him when I first started learning JS, I am sure it would’ve saved me a lot of time.

After you take whatever course you think it’s best for you, I would say come back here and go through the entire JS curriculum, and while you do that, start building simple projects, this is the best way to learn.