Learn javscript

Please someone tell me is there any other good resources where i can know more about javascript freely beside freecodecamp?

  1. MDN
  2. W3Schools
  3. Codecamey
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Hello, @Ankit006

The best way to learn its by google at sites were you can learn JS. One of many sites out there is

  1. FCC to me its the best to learn - Note: i learn a lot from here…

  2. W3C School: https://www.w3schools.com/js/default.asp

  3. The Odin Project: https://www.theodinproject.com/

  4. In my opinion will be good for you to start working, on small examples, first the basic js sintaxt then move into small examples, and later on, ask and read more advanced examples… one good way its to do your own small projects once you fell more confident.

  5. In my opinion also never give up even tho you might think its hard, once you get used to it will be more easy to learn, and keep learning :slight_smile:

  6. Here at FFC its a family so i think you should ask questions here at the Camp so you get familiar with it.

This two are really good for you to start

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actually I started learning js 1.5 month ago. Now I am in object oriented programming chapter. But Sometime I feel like my concept isn’t clearing to just follow FCC.


I think you would rather make a toy project with html and css.

Yes at first its hard to get, but like i said dont give up work hard but first you need to get the concepts, first the basics then you move forward with some youtube videos from other people, you dont need to know everything at first, but having an idea… with small projects how they use variables, functions, objects, arrays… etc, you will get familiar then the rest will make sense.

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Use Codecademy and make very simple projects based on what you learned.

javascript.info is a free resource that’s a guide to modern JS

There is also Khan Academy that does have some beginner courses for JS (and html/css and SQL)

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