External resources to learn javascript. - any suggestions?

Hey Guys, just like to know if you can share any useful external resources you came across that helped you to learn javascript? Thankyou!

Far and away, the best one that I found is the free Practical Javascript course. Gordon Zho is a gifted teacher, and it reinforces what you will be learning in FCC very well, in a systematic fashion.

I would do just that and FCC, (and of course stackoverflow and the MDN docs), for now. When you are well into the advanced front end projects, - and not before - consider Eloquent Javascript. It is a tough text book, and it will crush your soul if you attempt it before you are ready. It is better for reinforcing learning and going deeper, rather than learning for the first time. Better to do that here.

When you have finished the intermediate algorithms section, you might want to start playing with Code Wars. It is extra nice because when you complete a challenge, you get to see the top rated solutions from other people. It always teaches you something new about the javascript syntax.
I like to finish a challenge myself, then look at the best solutions, read up on what they used, then try to implement it again using the advanced techniques.


Thank you for that! Much appreciated!

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So many to choose from.
Yes the book Eloquent JavaScript by Marijn Haverbeke is great, if somewhat complicated. Amazing code examples (exercises).
YDKJ Series by Kyle Simpson is easy to follow and very popular.
My favourite go to for js related articles is Hackernoon. Lots of useful tips and intros to various new tools and libraries.
A very good review of the basics of Javascript is A re-introduction to JavaScript.


I’m reading this book Mastering JavaScript by Ved Antani, it seens to ideal for beginners.

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See this link.


Thank you ! very good list!