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Hey guys - I am at 200 camper stage but I am still not comfortable with JS. What other sources or tutorials beside FCC I should be practice?

Thank you!

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I’ve known people to appreciate reading Eloquent Javascript (at least the first 10 chapters).

It’s well written and formalizes the material a bit better than other sources, if that’s your style of learning.


This should help a lot Essential JS Links


Also the YDKJS Series which can be found here …


I guess that depends very much on what you consider “uncomfortable”.
I personally find YDKJS pretty advanced and unstructured in a good way. It’s the absolute best you can find to learn the details about Javascript which might confuse even experienced developers. But before delving into that level of detail I would strongly recommend Speaking Javascript by Axel Rauschmayer.
It’s free for online use and I can’t say enough how much I like this book. It reads like a novel, covers most of what you might need to know about ES5 starting from the basics.
As soon as you’ve become fluent in ES5 you can proceed with another book by Axel Rauschmayer.
There’s also Understanding ECMAScript6 by Nicholas Zakas which is also brilliant (as well as its author whose Professional Javascript for Web-Developers is still one of the best books ever written about Javascript.
After that, YDKJS is the perfect way to solidify your knowledge. This is the path that I’m following now.


This is a very nice and colorful book. You should check it out.
“Javascript and JQuery by Jon Duckett”

And Udemy + youtube are the best teachers.


I found going through the hand holding of Codecademy and Khan Academy for JS to be comforting. I have actually used those to increase my ‘base’ knowledge before completing the FCC challenges.



I looked at the book. It looks easy reading. I will read it when I finished JS challenge.

They are a good and they are very detail. I am impressed that you are reading it. Thanks for sharing!

Thanks everyone for sharing I will have to look which source is fit me:)

I was listening to JavaScript Jabber podcast and a professional developer said he has been using JS for 5 years and still feels like he does not have a solid foundation on it. So your not the only one. Look at my brownie points. Notice how they are back to back until a certain month. I ran into a JS wall too! I spent those months reading Javascript and functional programming with JS books. I learned a lot but still did not build anything. You want to get better with JavaScript then work on a project, build something. Also check out Wes Bos’s free course JavaScript 30


If you want to learn programming, no matter the language (languages are just tools), you need to learn computer science concepts: Sorting Algorithms, Data Structures, Encryption, etc… You will only learn this and truly understand these concepts and principles by solving real problems that require you to think through them (vs following a “Type what we say” Tutorials IE… FCC). Check out a site called , it doesn’t hold your hand, it won’t show you the answers, you can actually learn to code from solving the problems on that site. You are expected to look up things like Syntax or study up (without copying an answer from StackOverflow or GitHub) from outside sources. As a programmer or Web Designer you will never remember every thing about syntax in your language, I reference language Documentation just about every time I sit down to code and I’ve been playing at being a programmer for over 20 years! Everyone has to look things up… google, stackoverflow, your lang docs, random forums, are all going to be a resource as a Programmer.


This is a great course.

I have been reading this book. It is a great book. Thank for recommended!

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This guy’s YouTube js tutorials are really helpful, easy to follow and well organized: