Who knows how best to learn Javascript

I really wish to be javascript guru… Best way to go about it. What are the best resources for it apart from FCC

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Best material? Do you mean the best resource? If yes, then I have some resources that I usually use:

If you want some help real quick, you can join SpeakJS Discord server from this site.


I’ve been using the SoloLearn app recently. The tutorials aren’t particularly in depth, but the challenges are fun and might be good prep for interviews.

Hey, I created Edabit. If anyone has feedback, please let me know here in the comments.

Edit: I think this blog post might also be relevant to the OP.

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There’s no simple, easy, direct path. If there were, lots and lots of people would take it.

If you want to master JS, then take every path available to you. Code, code, and code. Dissect everything. Read everything. And then code some more. Worry less about the destination than the journey.


I’m only a month in to coding in general. I agree with ksjazzguitar. Code Code Code. Here are some resources I use.

I bought a monthly membership to Code School
It is $30 but they have interactive lessons and 17 sections that cover javascript…everything from the basics to es2015 to react to node.js. I think once two months are up I’ll have soaked up most everything I can from them and cancel

Another great resource is 30 in 30
This one is FREE. The guy teaches you 30 different javascript projects. I have done a few. There is a huge repo you can clone from github and code along with his videos. He has pre coded most of the page and you add in plain vanilla js. I have taken a couple of the things he taught me and made my own projects to add to what I have made here. I saw Quincy, the creator of free code camp recommend this site in a video. IT HAS BEEN SO WORTH IT.

But overall, I just try to imagine what javascript might be able to do. Say something I want to add to one of my projects. Then I hunt it down at MDN or W3schools or StackOverFlow. One piece at a time I guess.

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