My Learning Resources

Hey everyone I signed up for freecodecamp when I wanted to learn web development but after I got to JavaScript and even when I tried to do some of the CSS stlying on my websites I realized I didn’t really understand what I learned here really well at all so I set out to find other resources to catch me up and clear up some of the things I was stuck on. I’m still no where near knowing everything and probably haven’t even scratched the surface with understanding things. But I wanted to list my resources I used for learning so maybe other people can get unstuck on things they might be stuck on. I will separate my learning resources by paid or free and what they are.

Paid Online Jave Courses

** JavaScript the Basics - JavaScript for Beginners 100% Finished

Paid Online Web Developer Boot Camps.

The below courses I only recommend if you have an interest in making games in HTML5/JavaScript.

Paid Courses in HTML5/JavaScript Game Development

A Video Game form of learning. Beat levels by writing code.

Code Combat

Free Resources

  1. The New Boston
  2. JavaScript for beginners
  3. JS Beginner Tutorials
  4. EJ Media JS for Beginners This Guy is my favorite tutorials so far.
  5. The Net Ninja CSS Tutorials
  6. EJ Media CSS for Beginners Also as a HTML course and PHP as well although I havent done either.

Books for Web Development
Web Design with HTML, CSS, JavaScript and jQuery Set - Only finished the first book so far.

HTML5 Game Development Books
The Web Game Developer’s Cookbook
Interphase specific book
From null to full game specific book

I’d buy the courses on sale unless you want to get the completion certificates, the free resources do a very good job of explaining things just fine. Also I will keep adding to this list with everything I use to learn but with that said my way of learning might be very different than yours. I enjoy video games a lot and using CodeCombat and learning to make video games with JavaScript made it easier for me to grasp the concepts then having people just explain things to me using shapes or just numbers for examples.

Cool, i’ll take a look at these sites as soon as possible.

Thanks for sharing.