I need to be a Front End Developer

So I Learning html , css , javascript from different paid resources like udemy and also i completed a bootcamp but i didn’t get enough knowledge

what should i do …i love web developing… i love what i’m doing

i am confused… what i’m doing is completing a course and jumping in to another…

what should i do???

i learning react js in these days…so what are the resources to gain advanced js concepts and be a pro js developer in the end of december in 2022

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I don’t know what your current skill level is so take everything I say below with a grain of salt.

If you already have a solid base of knowledge then you should start creating projects you can use for a portfolio. FCC does have a front end development certificate. You could do the five projects and request feedback on them in the forum here. If they are a little too simple for you then you could add more advanced features to make them more challenging.

Another option would be to start contributing to open source projects, which would also sharpen your git/github skills if you haven’t done much with those yet.

And of course, if you have an idea for something you want to create then just go for it. And if you don’t, you can use the googles to find ideas and suggestions based on your skill level.

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Welcome to Freecodecamp @emily.wilson . This platform is completely free! I also spent much eight months ago when I started learning to code and I even didn’t learn some principles in web development. I was struggling in JavaScript but it take a while until you master the key principles. HTM and CSS was easier for me. Anyway just try to patient with yourself and you will be a successful developer, just use our free resources and you will a great improvement in your coding career :relaxed::relaxed:

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You say that you’ve completed several courses and described it as “completing a course and jumping in to another”, so you’ve probably already learned that most online courses are going to cover more-or-less the same ground. That means that if you probably won’t get any benefit out of taking similar courses. If you’ve learned what those courses have to teach, then it sounds like it’s time to build on your practical skills. Build large, complex project(s) for which there are no tutorials. Maybe get involved in an open source project (if you’re a React developer, why not help build freeCodeCamp?). Build experience and practical skills by writing code.


This is the solution that i wanted…i got my answer from you…thank you for your kind and support

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