I need help with a new career

I want to learn front end development and I know absolutely nothing, where do I need to start so that I can learn this skill effectively?


you can start with freecodecamp .
for video content go to freecodecamp youtube channel you will get all type of video .
There are lot’s of free book are available on internet .
you can find free courses on degitaldefynd .
for doc got to javascripttutorial.net
other doc w3school.com
much more just search on google you will get plenty of option.

most importantly welcome to programming world.

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HI @jddollen !

Welcome to the forum!

As mentioned earlier, you can start at the beginning of the freeCodeCamp lessons

You will learn HTML, CSS and JavaScript which is the heart of web development.
You will build projects along the way.

I would suggest going through at least the first 3 certifications.
But the first 6 cover Full stack javascript.
Here is a link to learn more about what full stack means

After you finish the courses, you need build your own projects outside of the class.
Once you build up a portfolio of your own projects, then you can start applying for jobs.

Hope that helps!

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So I click on your link for freecodecamp lessons and it takes me to a page where it gives me options like Responsive web design certificate and Javascript algorithms and data structures and Front End Development Libraries Certification. I want to learn html first and I do not see that in this list that is why I need some help here.


You need to click on the responsive web design course.
That covers html and css.

Thankyou very much


@jwilkins.oboe does the “responsive web design course” also teach web design tools lile Sass & BootStrap?

Hi @mwansa !

Sass and bootstrap are taught in the front end libraries certification.

Thank you so much, I have seen that now.

I am currently a Civil Engineering student that’s really interested in coding and it’s applications. After becoming a good and certified Web Developer from this wonderful platform is it possible for me to land a job online while I am still a student?

If you are interested in landing a remote job then you will need to make sure that your portfolio of projects stands out from the crowd of junior developers.

I would suggest reading through the other discussions on how to land a job through the #career section.
There are also many articles about landing a junior dev job on freeCodeCamp news.

Hope that helps!

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