Where to start?

Hi I’m new to coding and looking to make a career change from healthcare to either a front end developer or cybersecurity.

Can anyone provide a good place to start on this site?

Any other suggestions (websites, books, podcasts, etc) for a newbie is appreciated :blush:.

Hey! Welcome to the freeCodeCamp’s community forums.

In my humble opinion, whenever you’re trying to learn something that has anything to do with programming and computer science, you need a healthy mix of theory as well as practice to make it stick.

Theory and facts would help you understand how and why things are working the way they do and the exercises will help you develop your problem solving skills.

FreeCodeCamp’s Responsive web development curriculum is a great way to practice and learn all the tools necessary to get really good at responsive and accessible web design.

here’s a link to that course. (Use this to practice)

But I would also encourage you to compliment this with MDN’s learn web development course which is mostly reading material and goes much more in depth.

here’s a link to mdn’s learn web dev course (use this for theory)

Hope this helps! :smile:

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In the beginning I’d stick to the freeCodeCamp lessons until you’re familiar with the basics. There is so much great learning material out there, but the quantity can make you lose focus.

Speaking of focus, there’s this very well structured roadmap for aspiring frontend developers. So if you ever feel like you need some extra content on a topic, I’d start looking there.

I can also recommend Kevin Powell’s YouTube videos. They focus on frontend development and he has a video playlist for beginners. His teaching style works really well for me and it helps that he seems extremely nice and down to earth.

All the best!

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