Need help to decide what to learn to become Freelance Web Developer

Hello helpful friends on freeCodeCamp!

I’m planning to become a freelance web developer. I’m learning now and doing projects on “Front End Development Libraries” here in freeCodeCamp. I finished and got certificates on “Responsive Web Design” and “JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures”. But I don’t have knowledge in JS HTML DOM and other things that not included on those certification.

My question are:

  1. Do I need to learn more on JavaScript first then learn its frameworks like React OR it is fine to focus on React without mastering JavaScript ?

  2. And also I just want to clear my mind that being Front End Developer is enough to become freelancer or do I need to become Full Stack Developer ?

Answer 1
See if u feel that u know everything then u can start practicing it .
Otherwise u can continue js from other website if u want to learn in different kind of ways and also u can practice using many websites on Google.
U have to just browse it and do it.
So, ask a question from yourself " can I answer or solve each and every question that will be given to me ". If your answer is yes then well and good if no then u can do the above process which I have told u . And yes be honest while asing the question from yourself.
Thank u
Hope u like this answers…

Answer 2
Yes front end is enough for freelancing
If u are not satisfied by your payment in future then go for full .
And also if u are confirmed that u want to be a freelancer for whole of your life then u should also learn some of the backend programs to be profitable.
As I also want to be a freelancer . Thats why I am focusing on front end but side by side also learning backend and diffrent works . So that I can earn in different fields.
I hope this helps u
If yes please let me know how
Thank u

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Thank you so much. I like your answer

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Hi @lorenzoSpec !

I don’t think it is going to take you that long to learn DOM.
I wouldn’t worry to much about that.
Plus, when you start working with React you will learn how to work with the virtual DOM.

I think the more comfortable you are with javascript (particularly ES6) then the easier it will be to pick up frameworks like React. But you don’t need to wait to master JavaScript. That will probably take years to “master” or more appropriately get good at anything.
Like anything in life, it will just take time to get used to.

There is nothing to stop you from getting started.
Obviously, the more skills you have the better you are able to compete in the marketplace.

As long as you are realistic and don’t expect to make big money right off the bat, why not get started. :grinning:

I would suggest also reading up on the other skills that are needed to be a successful freelancer.

Hope that helps!

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Wow that’s a detailed answer. Thank you very much. You definitely help me to decide what to do first.

Thanks also for the blogs.

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